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HOHNER Golden Melody

Harmonica Golden Melody


HOHNER Golden Melody
HOHNER Golden Melody
HOHNER Golden Melody
HOHNER Golden Melody


Sporting a retro 50s look and feel, the Golden Melody is especially designed for sweet melody playing, but still brings down the house on those boogie, blues and rock gigs. One of our best selling professional models, it is a favorite of Howard Levy and Carlos Del Junco. This model has equal tempered, standard diatonic tuning and a red plastic body for air tight construction. All major keys available.

• Red injection moulded plastic comb
• High arched full length covers
• 20 Classic reeds'
• Recessed 0.9 mm brass reed plates for extra airtightness
• Replacement reed plates available
• Popular for overblows
• Available in all major keys
• Made in Germany

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Harmonica Golden Melody HOHNER


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